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Our Story 01

Our Story

Real courses you can grow and learn from

Elite Mastery Academy was born from a need to present courses that really work and give results. So many courses are never completed or don’t deliver on their promises. When coming onto our site and looking at the courses we have to offer you will notice they meet real needs and give true value. Our instructors have tried and tested their work over many years and they are available to you here. Explore our site and see for yourself.

Our Values 02

Our Values

Your growth is our success

Your Growth, personal improvement and success tells us we are doing our job well. Integrity stands at the core of our company and we believe in personal growth, reaching goals and doing it honestly and well, every time. So by providing you with excellent quality products we believe it just makes your journey easier and simpler. Check out our courses and come GROW with us into the future.

Meet the TEAM 03

Meet the TEAM

Your personal CHEERLEADERS!!

Meet the people who are backing and cheering for you all the way!

As you do the courses and progress in your personal growth know we are here to support you all the way and are cheering for your success!
Martin – Visionary, Motivator and Team Leader
Morne – Web Development
Bianca – Graphic Design
Myburgh – Animation
Paul – Video editing
Karin – Copywriting

We are all on the same journey together!

Our Service Categories

We are sure you have many goals to achieve, let's crush them together.


Take the opportunity to build, create and sell successful online courses.


Become empowered and take your life and career into your own hands, learn anything, at anytime and on your own.


Get updated knowledge about online businesses, trend analysis, customer approaches, products and marketing.


Network and create collaborations with like minded individuals like YOU with the bbPress forums system integrated into this course.


These courses are for anyone in most countries and currencies. When using Checkout choose your preferred gateway like PayPal, Stripe, BACS, Cheque even Cash.


Upload documents, presentations, images, and resources by simply dragging and dropping content from your computer straight into the course.

Business Man
I never knew I could change my business around just by getting up to date with the latest information and ways to reach customers, we are no longer a struggling company but trend setters and growing everyday.
Business Woman
I really want to progress to the next level in our business but seemed to be stuck. It was only when I realised that it is up to me to grow and get more skills that any forward movement would be possible for me in our company. Using the skills I am learning here I hope to reach the next level soon.
I have found that teaching my students to be inquisitive and take notice of the world and the opportunities available to them has really influenced their view on life and given them a more positive outlook. This also means I have to stay on top of my game. Thanks to the skills I learnt here I hope to do so.